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I'm moving! I'll be gone until I'm settled into the new house :)


Shutdown the SeoulBuzz blog.


Working on a turquoise scarf!

Q. What´s your name?

A. Thalita. Though you can call me Lita :)

Q. How old are you?

A. 20 in age. 80 in mind. 5 at heart.

Q. Where are you from?

A. Born in Brasil, raised in America, currently living in Costa Rica.

Q. Favorite dessert?

A. Condensed milk custard or anything chocolate!

Q. Favorite color?

A. Blue and all pastels.

Q. Any pets?

A. One kitty named Minnie and one doggy named Mason.


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Pink food from bossacafez on Flickr


June 2013
Tampere, Finland

I can’t explain how much I miss my life and infinite moments with beautiful people who make me feel good about myself. Nowadays I’m not even able to leave my house.


船岡城址公園 Funaoka Castle Ruin Park by かがみ~

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Icecream Cone Cupcakes (by Rachel)